In brief, coffee is adrink with mixture of compounds which either have beneficial and harmfuleffects to human health. It also shows that coffee hasunfavorable effect on blood pressure. You should take care of the amount of drinking coffeeinstead of the coffee itself. It can slightly increase the risk ofhypertension for those with elevated blood pressure. Compared with people who drink less coffee, the research found that thefour-cup coffee drinkersare more likely to get rheumatoid arthritis. In the sixteenth century, early traders broughtcoffee as a beverage to the westerners daily life. When you get a headache, it is good to drink a coffee. The last one is cancerous person.

People suffered from stomach trouble shouldnot drink coffee. There is no good for people with beriberi(or vitamin B1 deficiency) to drink coffee. When you are out of spirit, you could drink a cup of coffee to refreshyour brain. Thus, old women should not drink more coffee. As the saying is the half is more than the whole. In the western countries, coffee has at leastthree-hundred years of history. A conclusion drawn from the abovediscussion and evidence, there are six types of people who should avoid to drinkingcoffee. On the other hand, coffee has somedisadvantages or harms. Custom Workholding .

Thus, people from America and Canada love coffee than otherdrinks. It links to increase the risks of heartproblems.As we all know, coffee, tea and cocoa arethree main drinks in the world. Vitamin B1 is good at the balanceand stability of nervous system. Aresearch shows in Indiashows that coffee can protect your health from the harmof radiation. Most people know the shepherd story which isabout the origin of coffee. It could cause the danger of cardiovascular. It will make you feel reenergized. The first group is those who suffered fromhigh blood pressure, coronary disease, arteriosclerosis should not drinkcoffee.

And coffee can help to prevent cirrhosisand gallstones. That is because coffee beansrepresent a huge source of caffeine which can acts on the central nervoussystem to elicit stimulating effects. But coffee is not a drink agreed with everyone. Coffee iscancer risk even if you are a healthy people. A research shows that people who drink more coffee weremore likely to be a smoker, alcoholist. Coffee could reduce the calcareous which isthe reason of osteopenia disease. But coffee could ruin the balance. The research of coffee during pregnancy shows that a daily habit ofdrinking 200 milligrams of caffeine significantly increases the risk ofmiscarriage. A coffee consumption (about four cups) canincrease the risk of osteoporosis, especially for women with a low calciumintake. Do you know the advantages of coffee evenyou drink it every day? It is well-known that coffee has the refreshmenteffect.Coffee could cause the miscarriage or fetalanomaly for pregnant women if they drink more than 200 milligrams each day